Short Term Medical Plans

Short Term Medical Plan is an insurance solution that helps fill the gaps in health care coverage during times of transition such as in between jobs or pre-Medicare consumers ages 60-64. 

This plan is also a solution for:


  • Individuals who have left their employer health plan and want a different solution than COBRA

  • Those who are in good health and don’t have ongoing medical expenses

  • Those seeking a temporary health plan 


  • Budget-friendly Coverage for doctor office visits, ER visits, hospital stays, labs, and most prescriptions

  • Fast and flexible. In most cases, you can start your plan as little as one day you apply and approved.

Things to consider


Short-term medical plans are not ACA coverage, which means it is not considered minimum essential coverage and plans do not provide coverage for preexisting medical conditions.
The plan is designed to cover you if new medical issues arise during your coverage period.